Jackman Racing Golf Rally Car

October 20, 2010

We specialize in building racecars catering to customers’ individual needs and discipline of motor sport. One of our projects is a 2L 16 valve MKII Golf Rally Car that will be competing in Rally Barbados 2010.

Brief highlights of the modifications include: throttle bodies with MoTeC engine management, port and polished head, JE Pistons, Peloquin differential, in house fabricated Lexan windows, carbon composite dash panels and door panels, hydraulic hand brake system.

Vancouver based Rally Team, Jackman Racing, has now joined forces with Blitzkreig AutoWerks to form an extraordinary partnership to tackle Rally Barbados 2010. Dwane Jackman, Barbados born and team principal, is leading the efforts once again for 2010. After a year sabbatical, the newly revamped team, as well as revamped car should be quite the package for Rally Barbados.

In 2008, Jackman Racing competed in the Western Canadian Rally Championship in the Group 2 Class for high performance 2 wheel drive vehicles. Midway through the 2008 season, Jackman Racing sat at 3rd place in Group 2, and 14th overall in the Western Canadian Rally Championship, and comfortably held the fourth place standing in Group 2 in the Canadian Rally Championship.

Due to a few difficult rallies, and a decrease in funding, Jackman Racing opted to sit out the remainder of the 2008 season as well as 2009, and focus their efforts on new sponsorship and the Caribbean Championship for 2010.

With new support from Blitzkrieg Autowerks, the Jackman Racing MKII Golf has been reborn better then ever as a full kit car powered by a 2L 16-valve pushing 160hp to the 2 front wheels, fully managed by a MoTeC system and throttle bodies. In addition to the Blitzkreig Autowerks powerplant, the golf has undergone suspension and braking modifications, lightening with composite materials, and has taken on a completely different look.

The remake of this car would not be possible without our sponsors. Jackman Racing would like to thank Blitzkreig Autowerks for the engine rebuild, fabrication, and all around support; Coache Collision and Repairs for the body work and fresh paint; Bonaventure Fisheries for their exceptional backing; and Proper Design for the excellent decaling and design.

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